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LED Lighting Powers Scottish Lighthouse

We’re used to seeing stories of LED Ribbon Strip Lighting and efficient LED Rope Lighting revolutionising many respective industries on a mass scale. There has been much coverage of the world changing advent of LED Lighting, and many businesses throughout the UK and beyond have been so pleased to take part. 

There's coverage of agricultural facilities tripling the yield of soy beans with LED Lighting , as well as entire cities embracing LED Lighting in order to provide safe energy that saves money and doesn’t harm the environment. Because of these super-modern advances, when you think of LED Lighting, you do tend to think of applications in new and modern scenarios, and less about what LED Lighting can do for established systems which may be older, but certainly not worn out.

When everything's new and shiny, of course it does feel like your existing systems are obsolete, but LED Lighting has an amazing capacity to be retrofitted. Bucking this curve, and proving that LED Lighting can indeed be useful to older systems, is the recent news that a Scottish lighthouse has been brought bang up to date with LED Lighting.

This exercise has been very useful for the lighthouse- allowing it to save much more energy and meet the Government’s emissions targets with no issues whatsoever, be far more energy efficient by saving a considerable amount of money to operate, as well as reduce maintenence costs to practically zil by its new lighting being far more durable.

These factors are all direct improvements from the older systems which powered the lighthouse, and has proved so successful, all of the lighthouses in Scotland will have the same lighting in time. Lighthouses are something which have been required for hundreds, and hundreds of years- and likely will be required for many hundred more.

As technology continues to roll on, new innovations come and old innovations go, the lighthouse will always be a very needed part of the coastline because of the volume of ships, ferries, fishing boats, and all manner of other maritime businesses that rely upon the seas in order to either provide services or trade.

Retrofitting LED Lighting to already existing facilities is very possible, and with innovations in technologies relating to LED lighting and in other matters, it’s become easy. A good LED Lighting wholesale retailer will provide assistance and support throughout the process, and the knowledge and insight of reputable firms can be a real asset.

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