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Agricultural LED Lighting Triples Soy Bean Yield

Agricultural LED Lighting such as Powerful LED Rope Lighting and Efficient LED Strip Lighting has been shown to triple the soybean yield from a certain manufacturing facility in Japan, indicating that more and more food providers are embracing LED technology in order to provide abundant amounts of food which fits the requirements of the general populace.

This is a breakthrough in global food supply - much Most food providers groan at the thought of genetic modification. It’s been a very expensive state of affairs as well as one of the biggest scare stories of the early 1990s, GM foods – foods which have been genetically modified to grow bigger, better and stronger, have inspired fear and panic in consumers.

To that end, foods with chemical additions or genetic splicing have been generally considered an absolute no to consumers. Although it was later proven that genetic modification is completely and entirely safe, the consumer simply doesn’t like the idea of it, and it has resulted in absolutely every altered product not selling well, regardless of the fact that genetically modified foods have been proven as not changing anything about humans on a genetic or a molecular level.

It’s a difficult thing, to juggle the current food demand and not use any additional help in order to meet it. A bad season with certain crops can mean severe global food shortages of certain things. Take the current banana crisis as a case in point – but LED Lighting solutions such as agricultural lights have shown that a little help can be provided – and it doesn’t have to be unnatural at all.

Take the act of growing crops for instance. A plant grows toward light, and when you get an LED Light which can mimic the sun entirely and utterly, even down the UV rays, a plant tends to be fooled by it. A LED Light contains a mixture of colours and colour temperatures, and careful applications of this can fool a plant into growing far more than what it normally would.

Essentially, LED Lighting can help this world with its very many food shortages and food crisis’s, and many agricultural experts are starting to utilise its power fully.  

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