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The Benefits of LED Lighting for Retail Applications

Curating a retail lighting configuration can be an incredibly challenging process for any lighting specialist. There are so many aspects to consider when designing the system; multiple lighting types are required - one specific type and quality of lighting might be needed to make a store’s entrance look appealing, whilst a different type will be needed to make the products themselves look good. For all retail applications, LED lighting systems are the ideal choice, with LED rope lighting being a commonly used choice.

In the modern age of shopping, retailers are aware that they need to invest in multiple lighting configurations to really maximize their products and customer acquisition:

  • Task lighting which is used to give employees and customers the proper lighting to carry out transactions.

  • Decorative lighting to add some atmosphere and to help emphasis the brand image and aura that the store wants to portray.

  • Accent lighting to create a special lighting zone to highlight specific products and to put something a bit extra on product displays.

  • Ambient lighting to eliminate those shadowy areas.

LED lighting is ideal for all the above mentioned configurations; LED is a beneficial lighting for retail stores as it is the closest thing to mimicking natural light.

Traditional fluorescent or incandescent retail lighting fixtures illuminate only a limited range of light-temperatures and colour-rendering indices, making them suitable for only a couple of retail lighting configurations. Commercial LED systems are adaptable and flexible which makes them ideal for all retail lighting requirements. LED lighting systems can provide overall store lighting which ranges from cold and bright to warm and toned down.

Due to the adaptability of LEDs, they can be installed in areas that require task lighting, such as checkout desks, dressing rooms and entrances. Accent lighting isn’t a problem for LEDs either, they can be tuned across a wide range of colours to give optimum lighting to separate display areas. Thanks to the progression of the technology behind LEDs, the bulbs have become available for unique decorative lighting applications which can be used to reflect a store’s brand image and style.

The benefits of using LED lighting in retail applications are huge; the operating cost savings that come with LED lights is unparalleled. An LED fixture provides 50,000 hours of useful operations, and in some cases this can even increase to 100.000 hours. They are able to generate the same quality and level of illumination as traditional fixtures with less than half the energy input. There will be noticeable and immediate savings with a switch to LED lighting. Not to mention the lower maintenance that comes with them too!

Some retail stores such as art galleries have already made the switch over to LED lighting solutions as traditional lighting like CFL and fluorescent bulbs produce harmful UV radiation - not good for artwork. Even the general interior of a store can be damaged by UV light, this can lead to fading. LED doesn’t produce UV radiation which makes it a much safer choice in a retail setting.

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