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LED Lighting in the Past Future and the Present

In the past years, LED Lighting has gone from strength to strength – and is considered the mainstream choice for lighting nowadays, with manufacturing prices going way down due to increased supply and dedicated facilities. LED Lighting such as LED Rope Lights and LED Strip Lights has finally proved itself, and all manner of organizations across the UK and beyond have invested in LED Lighting for a large range of applications, be them indoor, outdoor, for office use, residential use, commercial or exhibition.

LED Lighting’s success could not be more apparent with the fact that in early 2018, it was announced that one of the largest manufacturers of traditional halogen lightbulbs, GE, announced that they could be ceasing production of both Halogen and CFL bulbs at the end of 2018.

LED Lighting, with all of the benefits it provides to both the environment and the consumers wallet, has well and truly trounced the competition, but it wasn’t always that way.

In the beginning, LED Lighting was shunned as something inherently ugly – while indeed the energy saving aspects of LED Lighting have always been good for the planet, LED Lighting in itself only existed in a few shades of colour. All three of these shades of white were stark, blinding, and generally not suitable for anything but industrial environments, so LED Lighting went back to the drawing board.

Nothing could be further from the truth today. LED Lighting indeed went back to basics and improved year after year, and eventually this enabled the technology to be refined and improved upon to a much better decree. Nowadays, there are so many shades of light that LED Lighting offers – thousands actually – with hundreds of different warmths and hues which allow you to get the perfect feel for a room.

There has been a lot of research into the effects of LED Lighting, and it has been discovered that the technology can influence human energy levels, as well as human emotions – allowing for utilisation in office and retail environments.  

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