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LED Myths Debunked- You Cant Dim LED Lights

There’s a wealth of misinformation out there in regard to LED Lighting – that they are too bright, don’t have the colour ranges you want, spew out soulless, cold light, among other things that just simply aren’t true. One of the stranger things we’ve heard as of late is that LED Lighting doesn’t allow you to dim. That it’s either all or nothing – which as we’re sure puts a lot of consumers off. It’s little wonder really, the thought of a non-dimmable light even puts us off! Thankfully, Non-dimmable LED Lighting is absolute hogwash, and we’re more than happy to explain why.

LED Lighting is dimmable, though you’ll want to (obviously) get a dimmable fixture. As long as you choose a lamp that a manufacturer describes as dimmable, you’re at an excellent starting point. Of course, there’s quite a lot of variation within dimming performance.

We can only recommend that you choose a brand from a reputable manufacturer, as the ones sold by LED Illuminations in North Wales are sold. LED Illuminations only provide great quality fixtures, LED Strip Lights, LED Rope Lights, as well as LED Controllers and Dimmers which they’re absolutely certain work, and work well. Furthermore, with a great returns policy and help all through the process, LED Illuminations and companies like them are certainly the way to go.

Companies such as LED Illuminations can enable you to ask questions about things you don’t understand, such as compatibility issues and queries, ad will be able to tell you quite a lot about the product. You might feel somewhat frustrated when you ask on Amazon what loads the dimmer has been tested for and get no response from the seller, so experts such as LED Illuminations are worth their weight in gold to prevent you wasting your electrician’s time (and coughing up a few extra pounds because of it.)

As you can see, the myth about LED Lights being all or nothing is just that – a myth – and we hope that we’ve been able to inform you about it. There are a lot of great manufacturers and sellers out there, that can make your retrofit easy.

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LED Illuminations are a major global distributor of high quality LED products, including LED Rope Lights and LED Strips. Customer-focused and knowledgable in all aspects of LED Lighting, LED Illuminations can confidently give you the best advice on the LED Lighting product which is right for your project.