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How To: Choose the best LED Lighting for Industrial Settings

LED Lighting has made significant advances through the past 20 years, and it has proved worthy of overtaking antiquated and old halogen-based systems for a number of environments. Whether it’s domestic and residential, commercial, agricultural or industrial settings, LED Lighting looks to be the future when it comes to kitting out the surroundings, maki8ng substantial energy savings, and doing your bit for the environment.

The fact that they just simply don’t break is even better for both the environment and our wallets, too. There’s a number of products out there such as LED Strip Lights and LED Rope Lights which are absolutely perfect for a number of applications, with colours that either emulate older lighting systems perfectly or surpass them, according to your preference.

But, what about industrial settings? While it is one thing to say that LEDs simply don’t break, but absolutely everything can break if misused. So, we’ve prepared a short guide in order to assist you in knowing which LED product is right for which work environment.

For example, do you know what an IP Rating is? Don’t feel bad if you don’t quite know – most don’t. An IP Rating stands for “Ingress Protection” and pretty much denotes how much resistance your fixture and fitting can withstand from foreign bodies. It might sound quite redundant until you consider technical and industrial settings.

Say you have a sander directly next to a LED Light. You’re going to need to know just how much dust and wood chips this light can take being blown against it for the foreseeable future. Generally, you can’t have an IP Rating too high in industrial settings.

Chemical Resistance is rather overlooked, as well. Should you work in an environment with wet or hose down applications with chemicals almost or always present, polycarbonate lenses will give you a lot of life added to your LED product. Cheap and durable, polycarbonate lenses will ensure long life on your lighting product, though it should be noted that with acidic chemicals, they’re really not the best choice.

Consulting with your LED retailer should provide you with solid advice, for whatever situation you find yourself in.

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