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LED Lighting is Flourishing in the North West

As more and more of us are embracing LED Lighting, countless business owners, entrepreneurs and all-around clever people are seeing LED Lighting for what it is – an amazing marvel of technology that can stand to save you quite a lot of money. Councils across the UK have already showed real interest in retrofitting existing street lighting with LED fixtures such as LED rope lighting and LED strip lighting – not to mention LED Bulbs in addition, but one North West entrepreneur is embracing LED Lighting fully – by launching a hybrid energy-saving street lighting company.

This company has every intention (and capability, thanks to LED lighting) of making real change for the sake of the planet by helping the local authorities within the North West of England cut energy costs substantially. Furthermore, should LED Lighting be rolled out across the UK at large, some very real improvements can be made which will have a direct relation to the ongoing global endeavour to tackle the energy crisis.

Navid Dean – founder of Solar Street Lighting – certainly has an interesting and very viable idea. His effort combines both wind and solar power to fire up a dazzling array of LED Lighting that can power British motorways and streets within the Northwest – safely, efficiently, and in an energy conscious manner.

Investing 1.5m into his business, Navid Dean is no stranger risk and reward. He’s confident though – and we’re absolutely certain that he’s going to be one of the British forerunners of business 10 or 20 years along the line – given the fact that his product is so very viable. Now that LED Lighting has been adapted by heavy hitters such as Panasonic, Phillips and Osram, manufacturing has become cheaper, which has meant that suppliers can produce fantastic quality LED Lighting solutions at a fraction of the price they were 10 years ago.

Their utility is absolutely undisputed, and LED manufacture is certainly rising to greater and greater heights. Businessmen and women such as Navid Dean are primed to take advantage of the benefits this amazing technology can offer – and you can too.

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