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LEDs and Smart Lighting

“Smart” these days seems to be applied to absolutely everything. Be it smart TVs, smart phones, smart buildings, the word is everywhere and anywhere, and it even applies to LED Rope Lights and LED Strip Lights. “Smart” lighting is lighting designed to reach energy efficiency and save as much as we can, be it outside, inside, or even in anything, really.

Did you know that 19% of the energy use in the entire world is lighting? Even more worrisome, 6% of this figure directly forms greenhouse gases. Not contributes towards, not a factor in, not even leads to. That 6% simply is.

Of course with more and more effort and resources going into providing solutions which mean that this generation can live as comfortably as we ever have, but still leave something left of the world for generations to come, LED Lighting performs a fantastic role in doing so.

But, it can be better. This is where Smart Lighting comes in. Smart Lighting, by it’s very name, means smart. And indeed, it is. With the correct utilisation of sensors and energy efficient dimmers, the fantastic contribution you can make by using LED lighting is improved.

A sensor is designed to flick the light off when it is not being used. Furthermore, daylight sensors also mean that your light fitting will detect whether or not it actually needs to be on. For those of us which have left the house and wondered if we left the lights on, this can be a very real boon in terms of convenience, as well as saving money.

The demand for smart lighting solutions will be a driving-force to some quite exciting innovations and inventions, but it is really difficult to tell how they will look like: self-controlling systems, smartphone apps that will allow adjusting all the lights and will indicate about the issues, new types of sensors etc. All of it is very likely to be introduced in not too distant future, so all we can do at the moment is to follow smart lighting principles as much as we can and embrace new solutions and ideas once they come on our way.

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