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LED Rope Lights and LED Strip Lights Make Perth Stadium Shine

LED Lighting is well-known for being energy-efficient, good for the planet, and capable of producing light shows of the like have never been seen before. Perth Stadium, in Australia, has been decked out to become the stadium with the biggest lighting system in the world, and boasts a staggering 15,000 Bespoke LED Rope Lights and high quality LED Strip Lights which project a full spectrum of dazzling colours throughout the seating area and also the roof.

Perth Stadium boasts 15,000 LED lights as part of what has officially been called the biggest lighting system in the world, including bespoke roof lighting which gives off a “halo” effect, as well as two 340 metre super-screens which are placed inside the stadium, complete with LED backlighting to ensure good visibility to those who are in less than ideal seating. All of the attention to detail hasn’t just been paid to the inside of the stadium either – Perth Stadium boasts 1.4km of LED lighting outside of it, as well as 43 illuminated arches.

You might feel that the power draw from such a system will be gigantic, but the amazing thing about LED Lighting is how cost and energy efficient it really is. The LED Lighting in Perth Stadium uses far less power draw than the older lighting system, and emits no harmful carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

This is an absolutely state of the art system which surely sets a benchmark for stadiums and entertainment spaces throughout the world. The beauty of LED Lighting is that as Perth Stadium can put on unique, individual light shows which match the tone of absolutely everything that will be played within. This means alot to Perth Stadium - As a multi-purpose stadium which caters to a number of different events throughout the year, having lighting to match the diverse range of events within is vital.

Case in point, Perth Stadium sees everything from American Football to pop concerts, and having a bespoke lighting solution to hand means that Perth Stadium is being considered the place to play to the entertainment industry. As such, Perth Stadium’s events calendar for 2018 and onward is being filled, allowing more tourism to benefit the area, create jobs, and boost the local economy.   

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