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Amazing Under Bed LED Lighting For A Fraction of the Price

One of the hottest trends in home décor at the moment is underlighting your bed with LED Lighting, and there are a series of branded solutions that can act as a nightlight and also a fantastic style point for your home. Of course, as with absolutely everything that’s brand new, these underlights are kind of expensive.

Did you know that it’s simple to make some for yourself, though? You can have the same kinds of features that you’d expect from one of the more overpriced solutions, such as motion sensors, but have an advantage with the fact that you can configure your version to have strobing colours and even brighter or dimmer varieties should you so choose – without any special effort on your part, and the advantage of making them yourself is that you can get something far better for much cheaper.

No matter how you look at it, a motion activated LED bed light is nothing but an LED Strip Light, a sensor (included) and a controller, and can be coordinated with items such as LED rope lights in order to make your environment truly remarkable. It couldn’t be easier to do it yourself – all you need to do is the following.

  1. Purchase some LED Strip Lights or LED Rope Lights if you prefer from a good supplier. As with a lot of LED Lighting products, quality is absolutely vital. Look for a supplier with positive feedback, such as LED Illuminations in North Wales. UK-Based and known for providing great quality, branded LED Lighting, you can have the confidence that the underbed LED lighting you will create from LED Illuminations’ fantastic range of rope and strip lights will last for a very long time and has been quality tested to western standards – something which sellers on amazon, ebay and such might not offer.

  2. When you have your LED Strip Lights and LED Rope lights primed, turn your attention to your bed. Make sure the underneath is clean, tidy (and most importantly, dust free!) and make sure that the surface area is dry after your cleaning. Peel off the adhesive paper from the strip lighting, and stick the strip underneath your bed. We recommend underneath the side of the bed for the best lighting effect, and also to be unseen in the daytime.

  3. Connect the PIR sensor that comes with your LED Strip Lighting or LED Rope Lighting- (It couldn’t be easier. LED Lighting from LED Illuminations of course comes with full instructions – though if you have any problems feel free to give them a call!) and then fix the sensor onto the side of the bed, giving it adequate clearance in order to detect your feet.

  4. Connect the adaptor with the cable connector, and then plug your adapter into your power socket.

  5. Test!

At this point, you should have a full functioning bed underlighting system for a fraction of the price of those supplied by large retailers. Even better, it should have only taken 5 minutes tops! There’s all manner of playing around you can do with the brightness, and the delay of your LED underlighting system, allowing you to get the effect you want.

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